Reflective Essay: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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As a college student and a medical assistant student in Practicum, it is important for me to set reasonable goals and prioritize assignments. By doing so, I can help create healthy work habits and reduce my stress to a more manageable level. My job performance will be affected in a positive way by doing so. Stress reduction will help give me more of a focus on the patient and the clinic, which will enable me to perform patient care to the best of my ability. Patients generally come in when they are at their worst, so I need to be able to maintain a calm, friendly, and helpful composer. When I am healthy, organized and less stressed, I will have the ability to focus more on the patients care; this can help build a trusting relationship that will help ease any stress or anxiety experienced by the patient. Organization is also a necessary tool needed to handle any task whether it is school or Practicum. When I am organized, I can complete tasks without confusion, little to no error, and in a timely manner with lower stress levels. Reduced stress and…show more content…
Medical facilities run on a structured schedule throughout the day, which only gives the patient a specific amount of time with the physician. To ensure that each patient gets the most out of their appointment, I need to be organized and prepared before each patient arrives; this can mean many things, such as checking the patients chart to see what they are being seen for, prepping the room ahead of time, and following up on any lab results, diagnostic tests, or other treatments that may be noted in the patient’s chart. To provide adequate, accurate, and proficient patient care, the medical assistant must master all clinical and administrative duties. When information is retained and stored into long term memory, the work load can be performed at a more confident level with a better understanding of the patient’s overall health and

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