America Needs To Educate College Students

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“If there is a crisis in education in the United States today, it is less that test scores have declined than it is that we have failed to provide the education for citizenship that is still the most important responsibility of the nation’s schools and colleges” (Sax, 2004, p. 65). Higher education needs to educate college students about how crucial their role in citizenship is to society. Citizenship means that each citizen in a nation is given rights in exchange for their performance of duties, such as contributing to society, voting, volunteering, etc. Since providing citizenship education to students is a vital aspect of college, there should be more emphasis placed on activities requiring students to be more involved. Higher education should play a direct role in citizenship by requiring students to become civically engaged through university organizations and volunteering throughout their college years. Universities should promote civic engagement by requiring students to join a university organization. Some students may choose to join the university’s student government, which would require them to participate in civic events. However, others students may make their decision…show more content…
By doing this, a vast majority of students would be required to be engaged. In high school, the A+ Program promotes community involvement for high school students. To receive the scholarship, the student must meet certain attendance and academic requirements on top of performing at least fifty hours of unpaid tutoring. Universities should jump on board with this successful program and require students with scholarships to perform a set number of volunteer hours each year to renew their academic scholarships. This exchange helps the student be more involved while getting their education, as well as allowing the college to perform their responsibility of promoting
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