Canada's Two-Tiered Healthcare System In Canada

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The public healthcare system in Canada is operated by the government as stipulated in the Canada health Act. The objective of the Canadian Health Act of 1984 is to protect, restore and guarantee the physical and mental wellbeing of Canadian citizens; as well to ensure that Canadians have access to medical services by removing the financial barriers that are likely to prevent provision of health care services (Mendelsohn, 2002, p.124). The public healthcare system in Canada is designed to ensure that Canadian citizens access insurance services on a prepaid basis when using healthcare services. Meanwhile private health care is delivered by dividing it into two categories namely nonprofit and profit. The proposed two-tier system is beneficial…show more content…
On the other hand, the public healthcare system already requires all Canadian citizens to pay for healthcare through remittance of taxes as stipulated in the Canadian Health Act. The private health care costs are expensive while the services provided are of low quality; evidence suggests that a two-tiered health care system bring about inequity in the provision of health care services (Drouin, 2000, p.237). The public healthcare system in Canada is anchored on Canadian values of equality and justice; therefore Canadians should remain true to their values and shun capitalists who are after making profits in the health care…show more content…
There is no evidence that supports that private health care contributes to better health outcomes. In fact in Canada private health care organizations record poor health outcomes when compared to public health care organizations. At the moment, what Canada needs is evidence-based improvements that are geared towards reducing the long wait times in emergency rooms. Canadians are for a public healthcare system and against a private system that is profit motivated that only benefits a few people while marginalizing the rest. Should the Canadian health care system turn out to be like the one in the UK where market for primary care is created through private financing, it would result in a power shift away from the government and away from practitioners as well. Hence, it would definitely be a failure. This is because the money would be diverted to the private healthcare system through privately funded initiatives that are incapable of providing quality

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