Canadian Health Care System

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Dubious about the Canadian Health Care system Introduction “Medicare is our identity that defines us as Canadians”, these are the voices of most politicians. Certainty, the health care system that exist in Canada is a major reason for longevity, and healthy life of Canadians. On the other hand,what do patients want; it is a fundamental question and a guiding principle to reform the present health care of Canada. Quality care; delivered promptly, efficiently, respectfully, affordably and equally from birth to death is definitely a wish of almost all (Andre Picard, 2011).Therefore, Canadians are still working to find some of its underlying causes that bring dissatisfaction among the people, and pull them back from their wishes. Causes of…show more content…
The quality of health care depends on the ratio of the patient to care providers.The numbers of specialist doctors, nurse practitioners are not sufficient, thus, the full scope of practice of these professionals are nearly possible. The growing age of the populations, complexities of the health problems, increased public awareness, and advance in modern technologies are the open and new challenges faced by health professionals. “ In fact, as 140,000,new patients enter the system and puts the pressure in the health care system every day and currently 900,000 still do not have the family physicians.”( Ved. R Tandan, Ontario, Medica Association, 2015). Although Canada health Act, comprises the act of accessibility as one of the principal, yet the large number of people are detached from the health and basic care, arising abundant amount of dissatisfaction among…show more content…
“The act of Medicare is like a velvet handcuff, because they preserve the status quo, but a powerful barrier to the innovations, they are not following the principles in day to day care.”(Andre Picard, 2011.) .People are often passive, undemanding, and are quiet because the health care service is free and the alternate to that could be worst. They often hesitate to argue, demand and point out the discrepancies in the system. According to the Medicare, insured citizens are entitled for the “medically necessary” care which was adequate in the 1930s and 1960s when the median age in Canada was 25 years and the diseases were not as complex these days. Today the median age for the Canadians is 47 years and the vast spending goes to the chronic diseases and the system is still structured to deliver the care in acute settings. Therefore, the equal accessibility of the heath care in the Canadians is not met, although it is one of the core concepts of the

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