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Love in The Call of the Wild by Jack London “Love that was feverish and burning, that was madness, it had taken John Thornton to arouse.” In The Call of the Wild, Jack London shows the important attributes that are built off of love. Buck and John Thornton are loyal to one another, they trust and depend on one another, and they care for each other. This all comes together to suggest that unbounded loyalty, trust, and care are all built through love. Buck and John Thornton are loyal to one another. Buck will remain by Thornton’s side, no matter what. He shows his loyalty by protecting Thornton when he was punched in a bar. Buck also shows his loyalty by choosing to come back to Thornton. As Buck is running through the forest, Jack London tells “the love for John Thornton drew him back to the fire again.” Even when Buck was running with his wild brother, he stopped, remembered Thornton, and came back to their camp. Thornton shows his loyalty to Buck as well. Even when offered twelve hundred dollars,…show more content…
“Nothing was too great for Buck to do, when Thornton commanded.” Buck was even willing to jump off of a cliff for Thornton. This shows how Buck trusts Thornton with his life. Later in the book, when Buck has to pull the thousand pound sled, Jack London describes how “as Thornton got to his feet, Buck seized his mitted hand between his jaws, pressing in with his teeth, and releasing slowly, half reluctantly. It was an answer in terms, not in speech, but of love.” This shows that even though Buck is not yet sure of what Thornton wants him to do, Buck’s love leads him to trust Thornton. Buck knows that Thornton loves him and will always make decisions for Buck with the best intentions. Thornton trusts Buck to lead. Thornton allows Buck to lead his dog team when he goes searching for the lost cabin because he trusts that Buck will make a good leader. Trust between loved ones is a mutual respect and faith in one’s

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