Who Is Alexander Hamilton Federalist

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Alexander Hamilton: Alexander Hamilton was a federalist whose incentive was rooted in the immense financial debt the newly-found country was in. Hamilton wanted government-assisted development and called for national mercantilism to stabilize his goal. He believed the federal government should have influence over state governments and wanted the government’s economic policies to benefit wealthier groups, believing that as the upper class would grow, money would trickle throughout the social ladder, making everyone prosperous.. This made Hamilton ask Congress to assume all state debts to indirectly ensure the authority he desired for the federal government. He favored a strong national government and manufacturing economy, calling for a near-monarchial, authoritarian government. Hamilton also created the foundations for Henry Clay’s American System by calling for public credit, a national bank, and…show more content…
This focus on fiscal policies made it difficult for Jefferson to focus on western expansion and rural life. This also brought a problem in the fact that Hamilton took a very loose interpretation of the Constitution in contrast to Jefferson’s strict one. This mainly brought a problem in the establishment of the national bank. Alexander Hamilton has been called the father of the American National Banking System. Because the constitution never specifically gave the federal government authority to have a national bank, Jefferson stood against it. Hamilton was more of an advocate for the Elastic Clause and believed a national bank was “necessary and proper”, therefore giving the federal government the right to establish one. This drew company-owners and manufacturers to favor Hamilton while farmers and debtors supported Jefferson’s policies. Hamilton’s political beliefs also caused strain with Jefferson’s Vice President, Aaron Burr, who was a Republican and killed the federalist
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