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Books and movies are great. Movies based on books are nice and all but movies either leave certain stuff out or they completely change it up. If you read a book, you will get the entire story and every little detail about it whereas with movies you basically get the idea of what’s going on but you also miss some pretty important details most of the time. The movie Beowulf in particular was done exceptionally well, but there were definitely some details left out and there were many differences between the book and movie. Beowulf is perceived as a tough warrior, he’s a hero and he’s basically unstoppable. He doesn’t do things for people out of the goodness of his heart, he does good deeds for the fame and popularity. This man is very arrogant and very full of himself. He has a big body build with lots of muscle. He is an epic hero for the things that he does in the story. Grendel’s mother plays a…show more content…
In the poem a thief takes some of the dragon's treasure and ends up disturbing him. In return of the thief disturbing the dragon, he ends up getting angry and destroying a nearby kingdom. Beowulf hears of the destruction. He confronts the dragon and ends up fighting it. This dragon is strong and isn’t able to defeat it until he receives help from Wiglaf. With his help, they defeat the dragon. There’s no happy ever after, Beowulf suffers from many terrible injuries and dies a noble hero. In the movie, it is basically the same except for a few little details. Instead the dragon is the son of Beowulf and Grendel’s mother. The dragon is on a mission to kill his father, and this dragon is very powerful. It is so powerful because Beowulf is basically a super human and Grendel’s mother is a power creature. So combining the genes, makes for one great being. Beowulf sets out to kill his son and the battle is much like the poem. Unfortunately he didn’t die a noble hero, he died a disgraced

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