Business Ethics In Organizations

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Business ethics been carried out to a certain level of required trust between the consumers and deferent companies in the market. (investopedia-) Ethics are the values that a person uses to control his activities and decision. Ethics in organizations is the principles that control the organizations in its own programs, policies, and decisions for the business. Any ethical strategy used by any organization regarding it business could easily affect the reputation, productivity and bottom line of the business. (Kelchner-2015) as long as there that kind of positive and healthy culture that improve the work spirit in between the employees in the organization, which lead to increase the productivity of the employees and tightens them more and more…show more content…
Some of these business unethical ways are: insufficient community development, public danger and loss of goodwill, unsustainable behavior and recklessness. All those could be reason not to carry on business with companies which almost have at least one. At the end it well drive the business to loss it reputation, customers, employees and end up Bankrupt. Example of unethical business is Mining Stations, some in Sohar been Stopped from work just because they but their employees in no safety work environment. ( Mack, Demand Media) There is no a specific definition of CSR. It's mostly known as voluntary work from the side of the company or organization which contain issues such as human rights, environmental responsibility and civic freedoms. In more details, companies that can be able to maintain the long term development as a point of starting; and It's a step to a social and environmental development. (the role of business in…show more content…
The companies and organization, highlighted good corporate citizenship during 1990s and early 2000s. many companies and organizations, singed agreement of international codes, and some of them asked their supply chain to involve to this agreement and implemented in their work. These codes shows that the developers should be baseline of ethical the serves the codes of corporate citizenship. Donaldson and Dunfee, but three main principles that include the " respect for core human values the determine a floor of practice and behaviour below which it is ethically problematic, respect for local traditions, and respect for the context in which decisions are made." (Corporate social responsibility and related terms

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