Bullying In The Workplace

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Definition and discussion of work place bullying. Workplace has a vast array of different definitions and meanings depending on the source you wish to refer too. To simply start off, Workplace bullying can be defined as the repeated, as well as health harming treatment of individual/s which is perpetuated by colleagues, employers or in some but, rather rare cases, employees. It is an abusive conduct that mainly consists of threatening behaviour, humiliation, non-verbal and verbal abuse, psychological, physical (this is a rare form of abuse within the workplace) or acts of intimidation towards the given target by the perpetrators. The perpetrators may also engage in work interference better known as sabotage which ultimately leads to the prevention…show more content…
Older people within the workforce tend to experience less bullying when compared to their younger counterparts, but this may be due to their seniority within society and the natural inclination that the older one is within the organization the more likely they are to occupy a position of power (one wouldn’t expect a 65 year old man within a law firm to be an associate rather we would expect him to be a senior partner). One’s occupation can also be a very important in determining whether or not their bullied within the workplace, for example within the medical field more specifically at a hospital a nurse will be more likely to experience workplace bullying than a doctor due to the latter occupying a position that is considered more valuable, essential and rare when compared to the former is more replaceable and nonessential to the

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