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5-a- I'm sad about your fail the exam. b-I'm sad about the exam. c-I'm happy about your fail the exam. 5-(a) and (b) are more polite than (5-c) since they reveal empathy toward the addressee. (5-b) is assumed to be more polite than (5-a) even if the unfortunate event is not mentioned, it is induced that something unpleasant happened and the addresser, because of sympathy and to be more polite, do not mention it directly. (Leech (1983: 138-139) Tact maxim is: a. Minimize cost to other [(b) Maximize benefit to other] While Generosity maxim is: a. Minimize benefit to self [(b) Maximize cost to self-]. (Leech,1983:132) Obviously, each, tact and Generosity maxims (above) and the next two maxims (Approbation and Modesty) are complemented by sub-maxims…show more content…
After Nine days of constant grieving for her missing son, Michael, old Maurya is fallen into a restless sleep. Her daughter, Cathleen, is busy with household tasks, when another daughter, Nora, slips quietly into the kitchen with a bundle given her by the young priest. It contains part of the clothes taken from the body of a drowned man far in the north. They have been sent to the family for identification, since the clothes may belong to her missing brother. The girls go to open the package but then decide to hide it in case their mother, who is waking up, should come in and see them crying. Maurya enters. After the sea had claimed the lives of her husband and four eldest sons, Maurya tries to discourage Bartley, her last living son, from going to Connemara to sell a horse, which was the trip Michael took when he died. But Bartley insists that he will cross the mainland in spite of winds and high seas. Mad and aggravated at Bartley for not listening to her pleas, Maurya allows him to go, however, without her blessing. Cathleen and Nora persuade their mother to chase Bartley with the food they forgot to give him and to give him her blessing regardless of her fears. While she is gone the girls open the package. Nora recognizes her own stitching in one of the socks, and immediately knows that the owner of the clothes was indeed her brother, Michael. Their only comfort is the hope that his body has been given a good Christian…show more content…
CATHLEEN: Maybe she'd wake up on us, and come in before we'd done. [Coming to the table] It's a long time we'll be, and the two of us crying. .Nora assumes or asserts reciprocity by giving evidence between her and her sister Cathleen C 13. NORA: (goes to the inner door and listens) She's moving about on the bed. She'll be coming in a minute Cathleen uses positive politeness by telling a story about the death of her brother "Michael".Mauryia shows approbation maxim by saying "by the grace of God C 4 14. CATHLEEN: Give me the ladder, and I'll put them up in the turf-loft, the way she won't know of them at all, and maybe when the tide turns she'll be going down to see would he be floating from the east. Mauryia uses positive politeness by using g hedges about the death of her son "Michael" F 15. MAURYA: (looking up at CATHLEEN and speaking querulously) Isn't it turf enough you have for this day and evening? Cathleen uses positive politeness by telling hedges trying to show indifference about the death of her brother "Michael". F 16. CATHLEEN: There's a cake baking at the fire for a short space (throwing down the turf) and Bartley will want it when the tide turns if he goes to

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