Islam Muslim Faith: 'Sunnis And Shiites'

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Islam Muslim Faith “Sunnis & Shiites” The Faith of Islam developed from a man named Muhammad who received a vision from God “Allah” to start a new faith called Islam, which means peace and submission. Islam has many similarities with Christianity; both recognize Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Muhammad and Jesus are both believed to be prophets. Muhammad is believed to be the last prophet called on by God. Islam’s heritage is through Abraham and Hager’s son Ishmael. In Muhammad’s lifetime he converted most of the Arabian Peninsula to Islam and built a small empire. Today Islam is the most widely practiced religion. Upon the death of Muhammad there was a struggle over the new leadership that ultimately caused a divided in Islam into two different groups, the Sunnis and Shiites. The Sunnis make up the majority of the Islamic faith and while there are two different groups of Islam, both Sunnis and Shiites fundamentally agree with the basic Islamic beliefs.…show more content…
Muslims believe in the unity of God, that there is only one God and no other, Faith in angels, faith in prophets, fain in books of revelation, faith in an afterlife and faith in destiny/divine decree. In the Islamic faith the verbal declaration of faith is not enough and so Muslims believe in the “Five Pillars” of Islam. The “Five Pillars” are five things that can be done to help keep a Muslim’s faithful and obedient. The “Five Pillars” are the following: “Declaration of Faith” (Shahaadah) there is only one

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