Bright Packaging Industry Analysis

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Bright Packaging Industry was founded in 1988 in Malaysia. Company’s principal activities are based on manufacturing aluminium foil packaging materials. To be more precise, they are focusing on packaging of cigarettes, medicine, alcohol and sweets. Moreover, Bright Packaging Industry is involved in investment holding like property. Company is well-known with its reputation and quality of production. In addition to this, key of success in Bright Packaging industry are strong ethical relationships with customers and employees. Nowadays, their products are exported around the globe. These Company is trying to innovate their technologies and improve their production day by day. Furthermore, they are putting a lot of effort in improving skills of their employees in order to become successful…show more content…
In some cases, the higher the sales, the more net income company might generate. But in 2011 company had more expenses, this is why they experienced a loss. 2) In order to interpret how company is generating profit from money of shareholders, we are using “ROE ratio” that indicates how much of the profit is generated from each shareholders’ dollar. YEAR ROE 2010 4.69% 2011 LOSS 2012 14.33% 2013 1.69% (According to “appendix (d)”) As we mentioned earlier the highest profit generated by Bright Packaging Industry was in 2012. Exactly the same year, there was highest profit generated from shareholders’ money which reached 14.33%. The higher is the ROE, the more attracted are shareholders. Part D. Correlation between stock price and earnings per share. Year Stock price Earnings per share P/E ratio 2010 RM0.28 RM2.7 0.10 2011 RM0.59 RM6.2

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