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As Catholics, the fundamental sacrament that we all receive and that is the beginning of our Catholic journey is Baptism. Every one of the seven sacraments, including Baptism gives us grace and pushes further along on our journey to God. It is important to understand that, no matter the sacrament, the recipient is not just enhancing their own faith, but by receiving the sacrament they accept a mission to better God’s creation, humanity. In Deus Caritas Est (God is Love) Pope Benedict XVI says “Proclaiming the Word of God, celebrating the sacraments, and exercising the ministry of charity, he says, are “inseparable.” In other words, he is saying that the connection between the Catholic faith and putting love into action in the world is undeniable (Sacraments Social Mission and Living the Gospel, Being Disciples). The Catholic Church holds firm to the belief that Baptism is completely necessary for salvation (The Necessity of Baptism). Baptism is almost exclusively the first sacrament received by all Catholics. In receiving the sacrament of Baptism we are born anew (Socias, James). Although is clearly impossible to be physically “re-born”, we are born anew spiritually.…show more content…
In order to seek the kingdom in our daily lives the baptized are called to contribute to the sanctification of the world (Baptism). In order to sanctify the world, they are called by God to look after all of His creation. “His creation” is not just limited to humanity, but it applies to all things. As Pope Benedict XVI said, “The world is not something that we can merely utilize in the ways we seem fit”. Humanity is to care for God’s creation in the way that He intended it to be cared for (Baptism). Protecting God’s creation can take numerous forms; whether that be protecting people in third world countries from disease or just merely picking up litter from the side of the

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