Ina Khengjol Hill Battle Analysis

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(B) On 2nd July from Langol side (Right flank of Yamamotto) Captain Inoue Sukezo with 13 commando crept into the Pallel airfield caused damage to the airfield, set fire to thirteen fighters and reconnaissance aircraft and returned safely on 4th July. A week later under Yamada again infiltrated and wreck the weapons store and fuel depots at Pallel, bombed them, set them ablaze and returned with all his men on 10th July. The Yamamoto force, with Tanks and Artillary pushed through Moreh Imphal road with INA’s Col. Gulzara Singh’s three infantry battalion in the right or northern flank and Col. Inayat Kiani’s two infantry battalion in the left or southern flank. The pimples, pyramids and crest lying from Tengnoupal village to Shenam village…show more content…
Palta mentioned that in the middle of May one British brigade attacked the Khengjol hill, defended by 55 Jawans of INA under Lieutenant Ajaib Singh. The British army supported by ten field guns aided by mortar and machine gun companies attacked the hill. The British used loud speaker and pamphlets read as : “Soldiers of India, your family are worried about you, your children are crying and praying for the day when you will be back home. Why not avail yourselves of this opportunity and join our side ? You will get your arrears of pay and three month’s leave with pay and will be sent to your homes by aeroplane.” But Indian national jawans refused to the called and in reply to it heavy exchange of fire ensued. The British soldiers were taken aback and left their dead and wounded. On 17th May the attack lasted from 7.30 A.M., up to the next morning 4 A.M., The outnumbered British force with air and ground force attacked the position five times in twenty hours but just to retreat and failure. At last 200 British soldiers were found dead. On the side of INA one platoon commander was wounded and some casualties. Lt. Ajaib Singh and sepoy Kehar Singh received the Sher-e-Hind medal (Lion of

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