Bridge Terabithia

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Based off the novel, Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson (2007) tells a story about two pre-teens, Leslie Burke and Jesse Aarons trying to fight their way through the struggles they’ve been facing in middle school as their life takes a quick turn into discovering their own fantasy world by a swing of a rope, escaping from their stress, pressures and reality. Jesse was said to be the fastest runner in his class, and has trained all summer for the big race at the beginning of school, but unexpectedly loses to his new neighbour, Leslie. Jesse struggles living under the roof of his parents where he is treated unfairly by his sisters and parents and continues to get bullied at school. Unexpectedly, once Leslie starts getting comfortable in…show more content…
When adults are more approachable, guiding and encouraging, children begin to take more initiative and are more likely to be happy, healthy and involved. Jesse’s interaction with his parents at the beginning of the film is not nurturing at all. He is treated unfairly in the household, especially between him and his sister, May Belle. She is Jesse’s younger sister, who always seemed to be treated with more respect from the parents, while Jesse had to take care of himself, being viewed as father figure of the house. On the other side of the street, Leslie’s parents treat her in a more nurturing way. They guide her, include her and make sure she feels happy. Throughout the film I can see how the adults make such an impact on the children. Seen through Culture-Gene Coevolutionary Theory and Children’s Selective Social Learning, the subsection abut ‘Relative Model Bias: Age’ it is important for children to have adult interaction with people like Leslie parents because that’s how I believe she grew her confidence and creativity. As she grew older, she modeled herself after her parents, making sure to always stood up for not only herself, but for others. This can be shown through her relationship with May Belle. She always included May Belle, and made life connections with he, and also got to experience the world of
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