Tax Money Going To Welfare Essay

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Rough Draft (Tax Money Going Toward Welfare) Tax money going toward welfare has an overall negative impact on the United States of America. The negative effects of poor civilians receiving others tax money goes on and on. Most importantly, the poor will fail to become more independent. This will eventually cause poverty to worsen throughout the nation. There are only a few positive effects to giving tax money to the poor such as single mothers who need this money to raise their children and get out of poverty. Although it is helpful to ones such as single mothers, welfare is overall causing the poor to fail to become independent which will overall cause poverty to worsen. First of all, tax money being given to the poor will cause the poor to never become independent. This will most likely happen because they are being given free money from the taxes that other hard working citizens contribute to. There is a great chance they will become comfortable receiving this money this they do not work for. Some will never feel the need to get a job and live the rest of their live with the welfare they receive. The more people without jobs, the worse the economy becomes. All of the negative effects of tax money being put toward…show more content…
The welfare money could be used for things that will not help them make their own money. An example of this would be a poor person receiving welfare and using the money to buy drugs and alcohol. This would not help them to get back on track with their life. It would make everything worse for the poor citizen, the economy and the citizens paying the taxes. Although single mothers sometimes need assistance because their husband supported the family, the single mother should have had a job option before coming dependent on the husband. They should find another way to earn money other than receiving

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