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I built a truss bridge. I built a truss bridge because I thought it would be the strongest under the weight of the bridge crusher. My bridge design was accepted. It was accepted because it held all of the weight without issue and it followed my design. The truss underneath the bridge added a lot of strength to the bridge. Layering the popsicle sticks also added a lot of strength. My bridge was designed to have a truss system below the deck with popsicle sticks going directly from the bottom into the deck. I had vertical popsicle sticks to form the truss and horizontal popsicle sticks to make the deck. The vertical sticks added the most strength to our bridge because they made up our truss system. The deck got its strength from the truss and the block of popsicle sticks that were both below the deck. The layering on the truss was definitely worth the extra weight. The layers of the truss all connected at the bottom and in the deck. We did not rush building our bridge and it showed. The bridge did not move at all under the full 160 pounds of pressure. We used Gorilla Glue and this added a lot of strength to the glue joints.…show more content…
One place we could have reduced weight is to remove some popsicle sticks from the brick beneath the deck. This was a very heavy part of our bridge. We also could have removed one of the layers from our truss. This added strength but also weight. To add strength to my bridge I could have spread out more popsicle sticks below the bridge. This would have allowed the weight to be put anywhere on the bridge, not just in the middle. Josh and Hunter made a suspension bridge. Both of us used a truss to support our bridge. Their bridge only held 45 pounds, while mine held 160 pounds. This could be because their deck was at the bottom and their sides were uneven. Their deck was also not level. My bridge had the deck supported by a truss and the deck was level. The sides of my bridge were uneven though, and I could have improved

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