Personal Narrative Essay: A Journey To The Bridge

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Taking my first step onto the bridge I could feel the moisture, the water in the air that sprinkled onto my face from the water below. Taking a step or two more I began to fill with joy. Getting more excited I run to the middle of the bridge to the railing bouncing in happyness of what I was seeing. The water going full steam ahead running right off the cliff to the ground below making a roaring train steam engine noise. Once Krista and Brian finally pried me off the bridge we moved forward following the gray concrete path. As I continue walking down the path I looked around to see the beauty that was surrounding me. Trees on either side of me meet in the middle above me forming a hallway of branches and leaves. As I was distracted by my surroundings I tripped onto the ground beneath me, for the concrete path had turned into a dirt road with tree roots sprouting…show more content…
Impatiently I take my last step and jump into the sand below. At some point in my mighty jump my flip flops fell off my feet to fall onto the ground around me. I move my toes to feel the rough texture of the sand beneath me that sone to cover my feet from the simple motion. As I lift my head up i’m blown away in what is in front of me. The mighty waterfall that looked so small from up above is in front of me in all of it’s magnificent glory. The water shimmers in the sunlight as it slips off the ground that contained it through out it’s journey into it’s new home. Taking a step forward i’m surprised with the warmth of the water that touched my foot. Shoving both feet into the water I splash around with delighted that I am here witnessing the beauty that is around me. Putting back on my flip flops I turn around to head up onto the path that I adventured on the way down here. Carefully I take one step after another to avoid another battle scar, for i’m slipping more because of the fact that i’m working against

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