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Humanitarianism, in its most basic form, is a kindness, generosity, and compassion extended to all human beings. Since the beginning of time, humans have made a commitment to help those in a less-fortunate state. Over the years, many humanitarian charities and organizations have formed, each with its own unique goal and mission. The Jimmy Fund is such an organization. Founded in 1948 and dedicated to the fight against cancer, “the Jimmy Fund raises funds to support adult and pediatric cancer care and research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts”(www.wikipidia.org). Since its founding, the Jimmy Fund has raised over $750 million and has no controversy to its name. The Jimmy Fund’s most successful year came in 2010, when…show more content…
Gustafson was a patient of Dr. Sidney Farber, the future founder of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Nicknamed “Jimmy” to protect his identity, Gustafson would become a mascot of the Jimmy Fund after appearing on a national radio program. The broadcast was from Gustafson’s hospital room where he asked for a television set so he could see his favorite baseball team: the Boston Braves. Not only did Gustafson receive a television set, but more than $200,000 of support flowed in to support Dr. Farber and his research. The Jimmy Fund remained relatively popular from the 1950s to the late 1990s, until it gained world-wide acknowledgement in 1998. Following a second brush of cancer, Einar Gustafson finally revealed his identity, 50 years after the original broadcast. Gustafson received a warm welcome back from the Dana Farber Community, and was displayed in People Magazine and Sports Illustrated. Gustafson received multiple awards and honors upon his return and was named honorary chairman of the Jimmy Fund. Gustafson drove a truck with the slogan of the Jimmy Fund - “Because it takes more than courage to beat cancer” - and was an active supporter in the community. Einar Gustavson died in 2001 following a stroke at the age of

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