Argumentative Essay On Bridge To Terabithia

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Some books might have content that is censored, but should the censoring of text be allowed? Bridge to Terabithia is a book required in many schools because it“...argues that there are useful and harmful forms of escape. Anything that offers refreshment and lessening of tension may have its values in helping us to resume our protocol lives with renewed vigor.” ( Bryson 1) But in some areas they over look this lesson and decide that the book raises concerns of foul “language and social differences”. In a nation where we do have freedom of speech I think the acts of censorship and banning of this book is uncalled for because of the life lessons taught and the freedom we do have as an American citizen. Past the foul language…show more content…
If we have the freedom of speech we should be able to read as we choose. For young adults, if their parents are fine with the content being read then why should school districts and libraries budge in and not give access to a book. In Connecticut, Bridget Flanagan and Andrea Eigner reportedly want to ban the use of Bridge to Terabithia from the “curriculum because of the promotion of witchcraft.” In 2002 these two woman “ filed a petition asking school officials to remove the book” (Hartford Courant) If the book is required for school curriculum it is most likely that the content is mature enough for students and there is a value in reading it. It is understandable that a parent might not want their child to be introduced to specific material but, that is their decision to make, no one else's. Bridge to Terabithia does not have ‘bad’ material that a 9-13 year old would not understand or be subjected to, so why was this book challenged? "Initially, it was challenged because it deals with a boy who lives in rural Virginia, and he uses the word 'Lord' a lot, and it's not in prayer. Then there are more complicated reasons. The children build an imaginary kingdom, and there was the feeling that I was promoting the religion of secular humanism, and then New Age religion.”(Patterson) Patterson is explaining why her book was first challenged and the social/religious concerns the book

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