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Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan is a romance book between the main character, Paul, and a boy he meets named Noah. This book takes place in Paul’s gay-friendly town. Their town is an utopian place, full of acceptance and tolerance. It is equipped with a book store playing loud rap, an ice cream shop that screens horror movies, and the only high school in the world where the cheerleaders ride motorcycles. It is the perfect place for Paul and his friends. Paul is the main character. He is an openly gay sophmore in highschool and falls in love with Noah. Paul’s two best friends are Joni and Tony. Then when Joni starts to hang out with her boyfriend more than she does with her friends, and Tony is forbidden to be around them because of his religious parents who are disgusted with the fact that Paul is gay, Paul finds himself alone without anyone to use for guidance. Noah is Paul’s love interest, who…show more content…
Paul and Noah start spending more time with each other and find themselves falling in love. Then Kyle, Paul’s ex-boyfriend who he still might have feelings for, shows up. Rumors about Kyle and Paul rapidly spread around the school, and once Noah hears them, he is heartbroken. Noah ignores and hates Paul, but Paul will do whatever he can to win Noah back. Then Tony gives Paul an idea of how to make up with Noah. “Show him how you feel. Don’t tell him, show him.” Tony says. For seven days, Paul shows Noah how much he loves him. He gives him oragami flowers, words and definitions, space, a homemade song, photo film, letters, and conversation. Noah and Paul end up getting back together. The book concludes at the Dowager’s Dance, the homecoming dance at their school. Instead of going to the high school gym, where Paul and the dance committee have set up the dance, Paul, Noah, and some of their friends go to the middle of the woods and host their dance under the

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