Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summaries

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Caelon Maybell Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Summary: A plane crashed on an island, and only kids survived the crash. A boy named Ralph goes down into some rocks towards the lagoon. At the lagoon he meets a boy named Piggy. Piggy and Ralph talk, and Piggy said there are more boys on the island so Piggy and Ralph goes looking for them. Piggy finds a conch and uses it as a trumpet. When Piggy blows the conch the rest of the boys on the island hears it and follow the sound of the conch. When they came they all decided to pick ralph as a leader. Reaction: My reaction to the first chapter of the book was at first kind of sad because when the plane crashed and everybody died except for the kids was just sad to me, but then after the boys started…show more content…
Chapter 3 Summary: Chapter 3 starts off as jack trying to hunt down a pig, and he doesn’t succeed. Mad, he walks back to the beach and see’s that Simon and Ralph are building huts. So Ralph gets mad because none of the other boys help out with building the huts, because they always use they are on hunting duty so they don’t have to build huts, and they haven’t caught a pig yet. So Simon wanders off into one part of the island that is just beautiful, so he sits down and just look at the wild life around him. Reaction: My reaction to chapter 3 of lord of the flies was shocked that Jack has so many hunters and they haven’t caught a pig yet, and that they are so selfish because they want ralph to do all the work like build the huts. After that part the story got bland because they were just doing normal things until Simon found the beautiful area that he wandered off to, Justification: The tittle for the third chapter is “Huts on the Beach” what that tittle means is Ralph and Simon build 3 huts to provide shelter for them at night. Jack is too busy hunting to help. The rest of the boys just

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