Bottleneck Case Study

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Q.1 What are the methods described in The Goal for identifying a bottleneck? Answer 1:- Bottleneck- Any resource whose capacity is equal to or less than the demand placed upon it. They have tried different ways in order to find out the bottleneck in the case 1) They looked at all resources and made a comparison with the market demand. According to them bottleneck is the one in which demand is greater than capacity, but this method was too complicated and time consuming. 2) They can talk to expediters to find out the parts which is in short supply frequently. The most efficient method which they found out was that the bottleneck would have a huge pile of work-in-process inventory sitting in front of it. The two bottlenecks in the plant was NCX-10 machine and heat-treat department. Q.2 After bottlenecks have been identified, what are the concrete factory floor level actions described in…show more content…
They are:- a) Firstly, moving quality control inspection. Check the parts before they move to bottlenecks and dedicating an inspector for checking pre-bottleneck parts. b) New rules to be implemented for lunch break c) Complementing the work of NCX-10 machines by reusing three old machines. d) Bottlenecks to be organized to work only on overdue orders which should be from the most overdue to the least. e) Red and green tags can be used for setting the task priority, where red for bottleneck part which is to be worked on first and green for non-bottleneck parts. f) Outsourcing work out to vendors, workload can be relieved. g) A foreman to be dedicated at each location every time. Q.3 Relate the notions of statistical fluctuations and dependent events mentioned in the bok to concepts covered during the course. Also explain and relate to course concepts the statement made by Jonah that a factory “balanced with demand” will soon experience bankruptcy. Answer

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