Three Reasons For Allocating Resources

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Everyone has 24 hours per day, even the biggest CEO such as Howard Schultz, founder of Starbuck. How can he find time to run his business that have more than one thousand branches worldwide and being such a successful person ?. Allocating resources which are times, energy, and talent can make your life easier to reach your life’s goal. It is important to purposely decide where you will invest your time and energy to what is matter the most to you that will lead to your definition of success. As said by Christensen, “if you misinvest your resources, the outcome can be bad” (2015). I agree with this point as if you cannot perfectly organize your resources, this will lead to a complexity in your life. Hence, the three reasons why allocating resources…show more content…
They can lessen the problem within the families. If they cannot manage their time properly and dedicate most of the time with the careers, this would lead to relationship among family members and spouse to crack; moreover, this would also lead to mental health problems in terms of stressing and negative feeling between your love ones. In order to keep the relationship be strong, two people have to understand and give time to each other to fulfill one another. According to Dr.Clayton, he believes that relationships among families are the most powerful and enduring source of happiness. This is why we have to make sure that we perfectly invest our time among families, but if we look over the importance of them, it might consequence in cheated or break up which would tear…show more content…
To be honest, it is difficult for everyone to accomplish their goals due to the fact that they fear of failures, lack of plans, not setting the right priorities, not being committed, not having a deadline, therefore, they decide to give up. As a matter of fact, most people these days are like that; and it comes from the lack of allocating personal resource. For example, people who create note list can achieve their goal more effectively than those who just think about it. Note list can be a motivation to accomplish purposes. Without creating the note list, people may forget what they have planed. Finally, the goals mean nothing. For this reason, look ahead of what is probably going to happen in the future might lead most of people in the right

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