Boomerang Kids

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The lost generation, in darkness with the least amount of guidance and help, left to suffer in silences. This essay will be reflecting back on the story Boomerang kids: What are the causes of generation Y’s growing pains by Rosie Evans. However, I will be informing you on how generation Y could be headed to a down falling spiral. First, Rosie Evans explains how her sister was very successful in high school and college. However, Rosie sister was still living under her parents roof with little to none adulthood responsibilities. In addition, Robin Henig’s a science writer examines Jeffrey Arnett’s claim that sates how twentysomethings are experiencing a new stage in life that has never been experienced before, called “emerging adulthood”. Never the less, the information provided in this paper will tell the reader about the negative impacts of generation Y, how it effects individuals, and ways to help. First, there are many negative impacts that contribute to generation Y. For example, this generation is delayed in many different…show more content…
For instance, many argue that the price of college being extremely high, however, this makes people upset because there are not many jobs out there once they graduate. However, when you enter adulthood it is not easy. For example, individuals have to be able to make educated decisions based off their morals and values, which can be challenging considering that it is all new to that individual. In addition, it is a lot harder now for individuals to get jobs. For instance, Rosie sister succeeded all through school and college, but once it was time for her to find a job, there were no available. Furthermore, when the economy collapsed during the Great Depression, this caused a setback in many individuals’ lives. According to some, they consider us the lost generation that never was provided the skills and motivations needed to be
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