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Sam Hunt, Hunter Hayes, and Garth Brooks, why am I naming off these random country singers you may be asking your self? These three individuals are all big time names of the country music genre today. They are such big time country singers that they were able to perform in the Grand Ole Opry. The Grand Ole Opry is known as the weekly country-music stage concert spot, in Nashville Tennessee. This stage is known for presenting the biggest stars of country that you could not even imagine yourself experiencing. If you were to ask multiple true country fans where the heart of country music is they would tell you that Nashville, Tennessee is the heart of all county music. The Grand Ole Opry was founded on November 28th, 1925. The famous founder…show more content…
The top country song of the 1960’s was “El Paso” by Marty Robbins. After listening to El Paso, it began to speak to me and made me realize why I truly love country music. A lot of country music I listen to tells a story or has a meaning to the individual writing the music. The point of the story to this song was about a girl named Felenna that he seemed to love. Country always seems to talk to you, it has happy songs, sad songs, and really any mood you are feeling you can find a song to accommodate that…show more content…
Folk was known for it soft, mellow, and gentler form of country music. The artists in this sub-genre such as Bob Dylan are respected in mainstream country circles for their detailed song writing abilities. A song from Bob Dylan I enjoyed was Blowin’ in the Wind. It was said that he wrote this song in ten minutes, but did not record it until his second album was released. I enjoyed this song because it is basically asking rhetorical questions about peace, war and freedom. The lyrics read “The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind” has been looked at as the answer to the question being so obvious that it is right in front of your face. This relates to a lot of questions especially in our generation either in the classroom, or in everyday

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