Synopsis Of The Film 'Billy The Kid Retunes'

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Billy the Kid Retunes” takes place in New Mexico around 1938. This movie is based on the legend of Billy the Kid. He is known for his shooting and the number of killings he has committed since he was about eighteen years old (). The main stare of this movie is Roy Rogers as he played both the deputy sheriff (Roy Rogers) and at some point Billy the Kid. As ranchers wanted to seek revenge on Billy the Kid for all his crimes they tried to either kill him or arrest him if they could. However, he was hard to catch and find since no one actually knew where to locate him, except for one man Sheriff Pat Garrett. Once he finds Billy the Sheriff ends up killing him to prevent him from committing more crime and killing more people. Roy comes along seeking for a new job in a new location, which great timing since it was the day after when Billy was killed. Most people from Lincoln County mistook him for Bill. Their appearance was almost identical with similar clothing style as well. However, Roy was completely opposite from Billy. He is caring for those who in need weather it is saving the horses that are own or simply helping a young lady and her father as they look for a new location for their store.…show more content…
As the ranchers first get a hold of him, they take him to the sheriff office to receive the award for catching Billy. Yet, sheriff Garrett intervenes and only tells the other authorities that he has killed Billy. Roy seeks this as an opportunity to become the new Billy the Kid and convinces the Pat Garrett to let him continue the fight against the ranchers without any harm to

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