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Billy the Kid’s real name was is William Henry McCarty Jr. He had his mom, his dad, and his brother. He grew up in Manhattan New York at an early age until something very tragic happened. His father died or had left the family. After that it was only William, his brother, and his mother. William started to get in to petty theft and eventually started to moving south west. His younger brother started to follow in Billy’s footsteps, he got involved in criminal acts. Furthermore, Billy the Kid made it to almost made it to Wichita until receiving information that somme else died. William’s mother died of Tuberculosis and Billy was orphaned at 15 years old. There are no documents on what happened then, but that’s probably the time period that Billy…show more content…
Also, he encountered new people and merchandise. Another thing is that Billy the Kid might have encounter different animals that aren’t always in New York’s atmosphere such as hawks, deer, rabbits, and plenty more wildlife. Again, Billy the Kid, while he was traveling, the weather might have been different for him because New York can get cold, while New Mexico isn’t as cold and probably doesn't rain as much as new York. Furthermore, Billy the Kid probably saw price changes in some purchasable items, because New York can get expensive at points, while New Mexico doesn’t normally have high price changes. Finally, Billy the Kid defiantly saw different cultures, because most people in New York wake up, eat, go to work, and come home and sleep again, while people in New Mexico wake up, work on the crops, eat, and go to…show more content…
He would run and run and run from sheriffs that would try and take him away or find him and thats when he became really good at exchanging gunfire. Another thing that Billy the Kid exchanged was money or he made bets to get food and water. He would go steal money from someone or something, and go exchange it for water, food, supplies, and more vital things. Another thing that Billy the Kid exchanged was probably food and water with his possy because they obviously need food, so they will for surely ask for food or water. Also he would trade them clothes for some food just because he might be running out of something. I would say that Billy the Kid didn’t exchange to many things because most outlaws like him don’t like give things to

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