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Investigations Commander Has a myriad of responsibilities, which are providing the proper support to the investigators under his/her command. The investigations commander has to have a full understanding of the different types of crimes under investigation such as sex crimes, homicide, and gang crimes, crimes involving children, fraud, and computer crimes. The commander also coordinates investigation with all levels of law enforcement agencies from local, state and federal. I chose the Investigations Commander because this office is the Command and Control unit needed within the task force. The Commander can communicate throughout the whole chain of command this provides the needed communications at all level to understand what is expected…show more content…
They monitor gangs and their activities to develop intelligence by assets within the gang itself. This will allow them to understand the gangs’ objectives, resources and plans for expansion. With the intelligence that is gathered through the assets it will used with the investigations and could lead to the arrest of gang members. Homicide Homicide is responsible for investigating homicides from multiple victims in one incident, serial murderers, high profile and high media cases, arson (if death occurs), and suicide. Homicide can also investigate outside law enforcement agency shootings (such as FBI, DEA and other law enforcement agencies) that occur on and off duty, within in their jurisdiction, and in accordance with the their departments policies. Homicide units also investigate severe crimes such as solicitation, extortion or conspiracy to commit murder (murder for hire). I chose the homicide unit because they have an expertise in to how people that commit murder think. The also investigate the scenes where the murders take place and with their expertise in the field could be crucial to finding a key piece of evidence to bring down the murderer and get vital information that can assist in the elimination of the criminal…show more content…
The detectives and investigators assigned to these squads investigate citizen complaints and tips that lead to the average street level drug dealers. Narcotics investigations ordinary tend be lengthy in nature in order to reach the upper levels of an illegal drug organization. Vice Division is responsible for investigating missing persons, hate crimes, threats made to public officials/prominent persons, aggravated stalking, piracy and counterfeit sales/goods, animal cruelty, pimping/pandering, illegal pornographic material, and prostitution/human trafficking. Also enforces Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) laws, provides education, and addresses community concerns. I chose narcotics and vice to help in the task force because narcotics has a map of drug organizations with in the community. This will allow cracking down on particular locations that help this gang operates. The reason for vice is they know the streets and the people who live and work there as well. So, the have a way to collect information that can make connection to other within the gang along with other connections to crime committed. These two unit are assets that provides a fountain of raw data that just need to be processed to get the criminals off the street. Juvenile

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