Bob Dylan Influence On The Civil Rights Movement

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Response Paper #4 In the 1960’s, there was a huge argumentation going on in the United States that were involved with racism towards the White Americans and the African Americans. However, there was also a liberation for music, public opinion, dance and lastly racism. The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s were much involved with music, in the help to shape the behavior of the time being on what the society was going through. Many musicians decided to collaborate with other vocalists and musicians in order to come out with songs that can help shape the society. In the continuation of this idea, musicians believed this would motivate the people to have strength against harassment and brutality. In fact, both musician and vocalists Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin came along to help shape the Civil Rights Movement by releasing some of their songs that can help those to look up to and perhaps, to realize that things can only get worse with what is happening in the United States.…show more content…
According to a lyric, “Come Senators, Congressmen, please heed the call, don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall, for he that gets hurt, will he be who has stalled” (Barnes1). The purpose of this lyric is suppose to open doors into each individual onto finding their own way into changing the United States. Bob Dylan opened out this song after the JFK was assassinated. People actually loved the song while Dylan was not sure why it was a hit to them. Bob Dylan thought the song would have people think differently and be against to. However, it was the opposite of what he was thinking. Bob Dylan did his best into helping to shape the environment of the

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