To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus Character Traits

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Atticus In Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird, she uses her characters to encapture readers from high school age all the way to adults. This novel has won practically every award a novel can win. This is solely because she developed such amazing characters. It’s to the point where readers begin to picture them as real people. She brings them to life so perfectly that readers cannot put the novel down. While Lee had created many great characters, Atticus, by far was the most substantial of them all for his beliefs and much more. At the beginning of the novel, Atticus seems pretty odd. He treats his kids as adults and they even call him “Atticus”. Towards the end of the novel, we realize this is one of his most admirable traits. It certainly shows that Atticus is a little self-conscious of his skills as a parent, but he is a great father. He always seems to see the situation in a new light. His favorite question being, “do you really think so?”. It makes the children question things or look at it differently. Also, he never really lectures the children unless it’s on the evils of taking advantage of…show more content…
Not only is he defending a colored man, but he has a colored woman basically raising his children. And he is completely okay with that. Calpurnia, “nanny”, that spends all day at the Finch home cooking, cleaning, and caring for the children (especially during the summer). Atticus even has no problem with Calpurnia taking the kids to church with her while he is away. He trusts that she has the children’s best interest at heart and will keep a good eye on them. She even occasionally stays over night when he needs more help. Atticus never shies from asking Calpurnia for help when he needs it. Also, when Scout asks Atticus if he is a defending a “nigger”, he quickly corrects her and tells her that he is defending a negro
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