Rationality In The Iliad And The Book Of Job

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The rational aspect of human nature is the part where humans use logic and reason to come up with answers for decisions, to get themselves out of situations, or to find the right path. In each of these works of literature, the characters choose the most logical path so that, in the end they will have lived their lives in happiness. This can be shown in The Book of Job. This is when Job’s friends come to him and find reasons for why God is punishing him. Rationality is also shown in The Iliad between Hektor and his wife when discussing their families future. His wife wants him to stay and raise their family but he uses reasoning and logic to show her that it is best if he fights in the war. Finally, choosing reason to make a decision is shown in Alcibiades by Socrates when he tries to…show more content…
In this case Hektor believes choosing the logical way will be better for himself and his family. In the dialogue between Hektor and his wife it says, “[Andromache]. . .No pity for our child. . .or me in my sad lot. . .Be merciful!. . .Do not bereave your child and widow me!. . . [Hektor] But I should die of shame before our Trojan men and noblewomen if like a coward I avoided battle. . .‘There is the wife of Hektor, who fought best of Trojan horsemen’” (The Iliad 148-50). Even though it seems better to Andromache to make him stay with her and the baby, Hektor knows that by him choosing to win honor for their family it will be the most reasonable thing for them. It would be the most rational decision. He puts his emotions aside and looks at the facts to make his decision to go fight for honor. Another example that is similar to this previous illustration, is the The Book of Job where Job’s friends come to him to console him with

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