Black Spot Case Study

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6 How to Eliminate Black Spots on Face with Natural Ingredients Ririn Anjani | Health | No Comments In the discussion this time will be given a few tips on how to remove the black spots. It is not a new thing anymore, one of the problems that often appear on the face in addition to acne are black spots. Black spots on the face can appear and whack anybody, the cause can be sourced from a variety of factors. One of the causes of black spots is acne. Stubborn acne scars which sometimes cause very undesirable as black spots. The cause of black spots not only acne scars that sometimes scarring can also cause black spots. Especially if there is a face wound, the sting will certainly not interfere with performance. In addition Too often exposed…show more content…
Because it uses the services then it is likely this will cost money that could be said to be expensive for some people. But in dealing with black spots on the face in addition to salon there are still other ways that use natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. Treatment will be done in the face with natural ingredients is certainly cheaper and safer than a practical way. There are several types of fruits and vegetables that can help eliminate the black spots on the face. Therefore this time we will provide a list of fruits and vegetables that could be used as a reliever black spots and how to process them. Interesting: How to Whiten Skin and Body Naturally Fruits and Vegetables Naturally the removal of Black Spots As we have discussed previously to remove the black spots we can use fruits and vegetables. The following 6 fruits and vegetables that can be used as a reliever black spots on the face. Lemon or…show more content…
How to remove the black spots is quite easy to use aloe vera, apply aloe vera on the black spots on the face or other skin section of a daily routine. Bengkoang In eliminating black spots on the face naturally and quickly can also be done by using pieces of yam. Bengkoang already very famous could help solve the problem in the face of one of them can eliminate black spots. The trick made bengkoang as a mask every other day or once a week. Watermelon The final way that we can do to overcome the black spots can also use watermelon. The trick is quite easy, you just need to process fresh watermelon as a facial mask by destroying watermelon manually and then make a mask for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water. Do it every two days. Read also: The Natural Way Redden Lips Thus our earlier discussion about tips and how to eliminate the black spots on the face caused by many things. By doing this treatment regularly, the result will satisfy both. If the treatment is done inconsistently then the results will pyn longer

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