Reflective Essay On Prostitution

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It began with therapy, in London and at the Post Adoption Centre. I was twenty-three years old and while others my age were exploring life, mine was being examined. I had started young, essentially, the partying. Roughly twelve or thirteen, the drinking commenced, then smoking, followed by nightclubs, proceeded with raves, served with speed, pills, weed, acid and the ensuing years, any activity you would rather a teenager avoid. When twenty one came around, events had progressed onto cocaine, parties in houses with electronic gates and older men promising a lucrative career in high-class prostitution. Why high-class prostitution would be considered over ordinary prostitution was a question of money, although one still has to conduct the service accordingly. Fortunately, that line of work ceased before it began but youthful foolishness said yes at the time. It was lined up, the client, the day and the hotel address would be confirmed shortly beforehand. However, when the phone rang, rather than be given an address, the…show more content…
Regarding the therapy, her name was Sue, my therapist and she emanated the role perfectly with her soft voice becoming stern when necessary, the sympathetic yet detached stance she possessed and her classic therapist style: pastel colours, beads, turtle neck and topped with a grey quiff. She told me her speciality was psychosynthesis, reminding me of photosynthesis lessons at school. While I knew about plants and energy, psychosynthesis was not one I had heard of but a quick search and a book purchase on the subject gave me a background. In simple terms, psychosynthesis is friends with the intangible, essentially a form of psychotherapy but with overtones of spirituality. Although, my sessions with Sue were not littered with Wahre Guru slogans while we sat in the lotus position, we sat on chairs, comfortable

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