Personal Narrative: Marco Polo, Colors, And Mermaids

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Cayden and I have always loved swimming. It started out as just playing at the pool. Marco Polo, Colors, and Mermaids, we loved mermaids. We are best friends, she was mine and I was her’s. We had so much in common. We both liked crafts. We both liked to talk. We both had younger siblings and we both took swim lessons! We loved it! My teacher’s name was Jacob. We went to his house. My brother, Kai went first. Stroke by stroke I watched him do his lessons. Then I would go. His pool was a odd shaped not a full 25. Maybe a little more than half. I could swim the length without breathing. I would get all grumpy. Jacob would first say “Did you really do that whole lap without breathing?” I would giggle and reply “Yeah”. Then he would shake…show more content…
“So, Hana can you 25 freestyle” coach Bob asked. I gave him a weird look. He gave me a weird look. “Just one lap” He clarified. “So just there and back.” I say “Just there” He says I push off and glide into a streamline. I do my ugly free to the other side. Coach Bob looks at my stroke. He has a look like he figured out a hard math problem. “Just wait here Hana” Coach Bob says He goes to talk to man. The man walks towards me. Until the man peers over me. He is tall, skinny, bald. He smells as if he had just taken a shower with some coconut shampoo. “Hi Hana” the mysterious man says. “Hello” I say rather sceptical. “I am coach Elven. I will be your coach this season” He says. Elven. Ha ha ha. Elven. Silly name. I almost laugh out loud. I stop myself. Don’t make a bad impression I tell myself. He might think I am crazy. “Can you go there” He points to the other end of the pool. “Backstroke.” I nod my head and push off the wall. I am on my back. I do my everything but perfect backstroke. It takes me forever to get across. I sink a couple times and turn to my stomach. Inch by Inch. Foot by Foot. I eventually get to the other…show more content…
Then I had to do breaststroke.The kick? I just did flutter. It turn into a scissor kick at the end so it was just a little like the breaststroke kick, maybe. In my defence I did not know it ha a separate kick. This is so embarrassing! I finally got to the shallow end wall. “You did it at the kick end sort of” Coach Elven says “Hop out” I am about to use the ladder. He stands right in front of it and shakes his head. He points the wall. It is hard but I eventually heave myself out of the water. My mom meets me with my jacket. She congratulates me. Elven hands my mom a paper that says NOVICE GOLD. With the practice schedule, needed gear, and meet info. I thought that was really good. Until I looked at all the the groups. That is the second worst group in my age group. Cayden got in one level ahead of me in Age group bronze. I was crying. I wish me and Cayden were in the same group. “Don’t Cry Honey” My mom's soothing voice is as sweet as honey. She looks like she will cry too “You did so good. Daddy and I are so proud of you.” I was fine though. Cayden and I talked a lot. At least our brother’s are in the same group! I walked right out of Sunnyvale Middle School with a whole career ahead. Cayden and I still swim to this day. Even though now we are on different teams we still go to swim meets

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