Personal Narrative: My Trip To Texas

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Texas Incident Last summer in June my family and I went to Texas. My father, his girlfriend, three of my sisters, and my grandparents went with us. It took so long to get to Texas, so long! I was with my grandparents in their truck, and let me tell you something, you´d think that it would be fun just me and two old people, but no, almost the entire time of driving to Texas they argued, so I just about lost it.We arrived in Texas Tuesday, June 16. About three hours after we arrived in Texas I had just woken up from a nap, so i was sitting in the seat all the way to right in the back seat. Well I was laying down in the seat, the part of the seat belt that goes across your chest, yea so that went behind my legs when i was sleeping. So the seat belt was behind me.When I woke up the part of the seat belt that goes around my waist was around my ribs.…show more content…
I unbuckled my seatbelt and its went up, then I realized that the seat belt was locked. I looked at my grandma and said ¨ Um… grandma i'm stuck in my seat belt.¨ she said ¨ what!?¨. She looked in the back seat and saw me, suck in my seat belt. ¨ Now, how in the heck did you get stuck in your seat belt!?¨ My grandma said, and then I shrugged. ¨I have no idea, I woke up like this!¨ She turned to my grandpa and said ¨Your granddaughter got herself stuck in her seat belt.¨ All that they did was laugh and laugh. My grandma pulled out her video camera and took a video of me stuck in my seat belt. (So, embarrassing.) I thought to myself, why do these things all happen to me? After taking a video and laughing about it, they decided that they would finally call my dad and tell him that I had had a very funny mishap. They pulled on the side of the road and my grandparents came to see if they could get me out of my seat belt. No, infact they made it worse. When my dad came he tried to slide me out of it but it couldn't go up or

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