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Executive Summary For five (5) years, you worked as a Financial Analyst for Red Wire Corp (RWC). Red Wire Corp (RWC) has been in the business producing wire rope for more than forty (40) years and its share encompasses more than 60% share of wire rope market in the Philippines. You had a chance to experience firsthand through the Factory Superintendent the critical process and specially designed machine that was internally developed by the company. However, you found this uninteresting and eventually forgot about it. Green Rope Inc. (GRI) is a new entrant. It is competitive in terms of prices with the company giant RWC. However, quality wise, GRI’s product is not very good despite using the same materials as RWC. After the stint in RWC, you…show more content…
(GRI) is having quality problems regarding their products. • How to contribute to Green Rope Inc. (GRI) regarding the mentioned dilemma. • Does signing a non-disclosure agreement between you and your past employer, Red Wire Corp. (RWC) a hindrance to your current position in Green Rope Inc. (GRI)? Decision Criteria The decision criteria are the standards that serve as basis to the preferred alternative. The decision should be able to provide a concrete solution beneficial to Green Rope Inc.’s current predicament. It should be reasonable, lawful and achievable. Assumptions Aside from the executive summary above, the following are the assumptions made: • RWC spent a considerable amount of capital and resources to develop the machine. • This internally developed machine is patented. The patent is currently on its 17th year of registration • Aside from the machine, the factory workers were trained rigorously to handle these products while following a strict quality control. • Before working for RWC, I signed a non-disclosure agreement preventing you from revealing any sensitive information and data from…show more content…
Being a current employee of this company, you want to help in the best way that you can. You know that RWC, my former employer, has an internally developed machine that produces quality products. Information like that can be beneficial to your current employer. However, you signed a non- disclosure agreement stating that any sensitive and confidential should not be disclosed even after termination of the employment. Further, the internally developed machine is patented. The patent is currently on its 17th year of registration. So any similar machine with the one owned by RCW could lead to an unexpected lawsuit involving the patented machine. Preferred Alternative with Rationale 1) To not tell GRI Board what you know about RWC’s operations particularly the internally developed machine that creates quality products but to suggest that they should invest time & money in developing solutions to the improve the quality of the product. Telling about the machine to top management may have implications not just to you but the company as well. Giving out this information, GRI may adapt that kind of machine and with stiff competition this could lead to an unexpected lawsuit from RCW. There’s also a risk that the information you give may be inaccurate since it was long time ago and it could bend your

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