Personal Narrative: The Crimson Path

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The Crimson Path I’d always wondered if the myths were true. Who got it right; who didn’t? Was the bible true? Were angel’s flawless beautiful spirits in humanoid form? What truly happened during the afterlife? The list went on and on; so many questions I never assumed would be answered. They simply sat in the back of my mind; a slow curiosity that didn’t agitate me, but I would’ve have loved to kill. Maybe these were all false facts. Maybe they weren’t. It was later on a December night when I learned the truth. After my death. It’s another night filled with darkness. It has been so long since I’ve felt warmth, that every breath of air I take in starts to sting my lungs. No matter how many breaths I take, I can’t seem to obtain in any oxygen.…show more content…
They gave me the name Antoinette Kurosuga and while some raised me to become the successor of the king, others regarded me as a female unable to carry the weight of the kingdom. I grew up with the swordsmanship better than the average man, the skill to create tactical plans, and education to the same degree as the king himself. By then, deaths didn’t bother me anymore. Pain became just another annoyance, and fear was just another unneeded emotional. After the victory of the final war, the death of the king came swiftly one month later. The kingdom was torn into half from there on; half the people fighting for another king and the other half accepting the prophecy for a female king. In that war, I was a soldier; in fact I stood at the very front. I was emotionless, my job was to shoot the enemy and that’s what I did. My men died, but in return I wiped out the enemy. In the aftermath I was respected for my so called “strength” and honored for all those deaths… But what had I become? I wasn’t worthy of the praise and such titles, so I left “my” kingdom in search for the right place and time where I could pay back my sins of all the lives lost, as the prophecy states. A total of forty-three men from my kingdom decided to aid me at their freewill, and from that day on they travelled following my footsteps aimlessly until recently when there was word about the war of…show more content…
They had gashes and bite marks all over. I cover their bodies solemnly and gave them one last bow of gratefulness for all they had done for me as I left the cave to where I would meet my end. I walk down the wailing bridge where I was met with a set of doors that opened by my touch. There I saw a body inside an ice tomb. Without doubt it was the third sister. Raising my sword high in the air, I hit the ice tomb with all my might and it exploded with ice shards flying everywhere. I watch as the body inside shattered as if she was a sculpture and I felt a shard pierce slowly through my heart. As I lay on the ground, everything seemed to crumble. The last thing I envisioned was the Freljord region splitting in two and the two tribes backing off. This is the first time since I was born where I’ve felt truly at

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