Best Practices In High School

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When I was younger I was very active as a kid. Most of my time spent was playing football and basketball. I played football all the way up till 8th grade. My 8th grade year I didn't enjoy football as much as I used to. All through 8th grade our coach told us that we sucked and that we weren't any good. When he told us that I stopped liking to play football. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I wanted to quit that same day but my mom always told me and my siblings that we have to finish what we start, so I just tried to keep my head up and keep going. By the start of the 9th grade I knew I wasn’t going to be playing football so I had to try out for a different sport. The only other sport they had for that season was cross country. I used to run all the time when I was younger. In 5th grade I ran the mile in track and field and got a 6:00 flat. After that I fell in love with running so I knew this was the right sport for me.…show more content…
At the end of the run your legs would be sore and you would be lucky not to end up with shin splints. The worst practices are climbing hills. You have to keep your head up and arms and legs moving. All I wanted to do was get started in the races against people. I set goals throughout the year. I try my hardest to make the goals. I promised myself that I would beat the best cross country runner we had, his name is Ryan Ruel. I had always seen him running, he would run non stop. My second goal would to be the best runner I could and give it everything I had so that at the end of the race I would be dry heaving because I would feel like I was going to throw up. As practice started I could never keep up with Ryan, he was just too fast for me. I thought I wasn’t going to make that goal, But that didn’t stop me from pushing

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