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When you think of a girl from New York you think of the next Donna Karan or Estée Lauder not a girl with a passion for teaching, education and Anthropology. Rachel Satzman MA. knew no matter what she went into as a career she would end up teaching. It wasn't until Satzman took an intro to anthropology course, which changed her life, that she discovered her love of anthropology. Satzman obtained her undergraduate degree at Fort Lewis in Durango Colo. and then went back to New York to obtain her graduate degree at New School for Social Research and NYU. Satzman worked in Bermuda , Peru, and Colorado for her postgraduate degree. While working in Bermuda Satzman worked with a Dendrochronologist, someone who studies the annual rings in a tree…show more content…
After graduation Satzman came back to New York and began working in corporate anthropology where she worked studying corporate cultures. Satzman was living in Manhattan when 9/11 happened and after losing her father the christmas before she knew she had to leave New York. So Satzman began her journey to Wilmington N.C. which was less about working in her discipline and more about escaping the reality of New York. When Satzman first moved to Wilmington she was working in the banking industry for Wachovia. She hated everyday and knew she had to pursue her job market in teaching. So she started teaching night school at Brunswick Community College. In 2008 when Wells Fargo bought out Wachovia the bank downsized and eliminated the position Satzman was working in. At that time Satzman was adjuncting at Cape Fear Community College so she threw herself into establishing an anthropology department from nothing. She ended up at Cape Fear through a series of mishaps and mistakes to which Satzman said “ life is not about everything going smoothly its about what you do when things start not going

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