Marching Band Cultural Analysis

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The theme of this transposed painting into the present popular culture will be about my high school marching band. The theme is about how being a member of a marching band can help an individual become more successful later in life. As a member of a high school marching band, I am required to be responsible, have dedication, be able to work well with others, determination, and sometimes I might have to step up and become a leader. Marching band is not all about marching and playing music. It teaches people many life lessons all the time. The first rule in my high school band was “do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.”- Perry Elliott. With this rule, band members will always think about what is the right thing to do in every situation later on in their life. The second rule that I learned from marching band was being on time. If I wasn't on time, our band director, Mr. Elliott, will find all kinds of ways to embarrass me on the field during practice. This rule applies very well in every career, in the world. If a person is not on time every day, either he is going to get his shift cut or he will be fired. The architecture of my painting will be on the football field where the stadium is based on the idea of the Roman Colosseum. In this field,…show more content…
Caleb is a transfer student to my high school during my junior year. He transferred in my school during the middle of the school year. As a transfer student, he didn't know much rules about my school. Mr. Elliott let him be a part of the band, and he became a member of the front ensemble. Caleb's personality is very outgoing. He will say whatever pops into his mind. Ever since he is in the band, he always does something that will make Mr. Elliott mad, and he doesn't care for one bit. Most of the band students show lots of respect for the band director, Mr. Elliott, but Caleb's personality is showing the total opposite side of the what the band students

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