Spanish Mothers Vs Chinese Mothers Research Paper

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All parents have their own way of raising their children. Some parents are more likely to discipline their kids. Chinese mothers tend to be more harsh than other mothers. Hispanic mothers are more lenient but can also be strict. While Chinese mothers and Hispanic mothers have some similarities, both tend to control differently when it comes to raising children. According to Amy Chua, "Chinese parents believe that they know what is best for their children and therefore override all their children's own desires and preferences" (411). Attending a sleepover or being in a school play is not acceptable to Chinese parents. No Chinese kid would even dare to tell their parents about participating in a school play because they would get in a huge amount of trouble. Chinese girls…show more content…
The mothers will discipline the child if they get anything below the grade B. Hispanic mothers will take the electronics and the privileges away from the child. To get their privileges back, they will have to bring that grade back up to a B or anything above B. The Hispanic mothers believe that, "Parents who practice high levels of both demanding and responsiveness are most effective to their child in instilling confidence and competence" (Parenting Practices). Unlike Chinese mothers, Hispanic mothers will let their child choose the extracurricular activity. That is why Hispanic mothers are more tolerant than Chinese mothers. Girls, who do not have an extracurricular, are most likely to do household work. The Hispanic mother will teach her daughter how to cook and clean. My mother always tells me, "School is important, but also I'm teaching you how to cook and clean to prepare you for the future" (Segura). Hispanic mothers are more open-minded because they respect individuality. Also, they encourage their children to pursue their true passions. Hispanic mothers can be strict but are way more permissive than Chinese

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