Beowulf Is An Epic Hero Essay

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Powered by the mind and guided by the heart. Beowulf is the single most important poem about an epic hero. Fearless of death, stronger than most, brave, loyal to his people, selfless and intelligent. Beowulf demonstrates these Anglo-Saxon qualities perfectly.Beowulf is the ideal Anglo-Saxon hero even though he is a Geat, he gathers fourteen men and sets off to aid the Danes. 
 Being that, for twelve harsh winters Grendel tormented the Danes devouring up to thirty men. Beowulf hears about the nightmare and to him this is another challenge to prove his courage. He knows that he can run a risk of death, yet Beowulf is willing to give his life to protect the Danes against the monster known as Grendel. Beowulf is the mightiest of heroes declares…show more content…
As night approaches the Danes retreat far away from the hall, leaving the Geats to fight the monster as promised. " Out from the marsh, from the foot of misty hills and bog , bearing God's hatred, Grendel came hoping to kill anyone he could trap."(Beowulf 366, 23) To much of Grendel's surprise there was a bounty full amount of men sleeping in the Mead Hall. Beowulf being smarter than the beast he along with his men pretend to sleep, luring Grendel in. Just as Beowulf had promised he fought the beast with no weapons only his bare hands; proving his strength," [ Grendel] he had met a man whose hands were harder."(Beowulf 405,24 ) Beowulf was fearless of death, for he knew that his life could be at risk, but still he defeated the monster known as Grendel. Tearing the arm completely out of the socket leaving Grendel to bleed to death as fled back to hell " only to die, to wait for the end."(Beowulf…show more content…
Although most would believe that he does this all for personal gain of fame for being undefeated he ultimately is placing his life in the hands of death when he is fighting the various beast and monsters. Beowulf demonstrates that he is indeed selfless, because all he desires is the safety of those he protects . In the “ Fight with the Fire Dragon “ even after his warriors desert him continues to fight the dragon to keep his kingdom safe. Though that battle was the battle that put his life to an end; before death took him he declared that the slain dragon’s treasure would go to his people. Beowulf paid the greatest price of all, his life ; he truly belonging to the people. He remained loyal to his people till the very end, he was an old man that continue to fight the fire dragon to ensure that there would peace in his

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