How Is Beowulf An Epic Hero

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An Epic Hero: Beowulf What is your definition of an epic hero? An epic hero is a hero that has many traits, many super human traits. Mostly these traits are, courage, loyalty, strength, wisdom and very good physical looks. Beowulf is one of those hero's containing all of those traits. The focus of this essay would be to explain why Beowulf is an epic hero I say yes, he is an epic hero because of all the traits he possesses of an epic hero. In this epic story Beowulf becomes famous across the land for slaying the two monsters that attacked the king Hrothgar. He was already announced the hero in Geats, Sweden. After he slayed the two monsters, everyone across the land started to find out about him. Beowulf''s father before had pledged his allegiance to king Hrothgar, this is the reason Beowulf helped the king when he was attacked by the two monsters. These two actions show two very important epic hero traits, courage and loyalty. Without these traits he would have never become famous or been labeled with the name "hero."…show more content…
His reign lasted 50 years, even in that old age he stood loyal to his people. A dragon attacked his kingdom because his treasure was taken from him. Instead of fleeing his throne Beowulf stands tall with his servants to kill the dragon. His servants did not have the courage, loyalty or strength to stand with their king Beowulf. They ran to their safety and left the king and one person behind. They fought the dragon and Beowulf managed to kill him but later after that he died because he was wounded from a venomous bite of the dragon. Through his last battle he kept his traits and stayed a hero till

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