Beowulf As An Epic Hero Essay

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Beowulf as an Epic Hero In Anglo-Saxon culture and literature, to be a warrior was to be a hero. A hero had to depict great strength strength, courage, and be capable of great deeds. Beowulf depicts the most heroic man of Anglo-Saxon times because in many ways he proved his great strength, triumphed in many battles, and never lost his courage. He projected great strength and courage to put people before him. Beowulf also encountered many tenacious conflicts, never with any help or the use of weapons except for one time. It is obvious that he has superhuman strength because he kills and rips Grendel’s arm off with his bare hands. Grendel was a supernatural foe that had been terrorizing King Hrothgar and the people of Herot for twelve winters.…show more content…
Beowulf realizes that he must fight the dragon for his people, even though he is old. It is his job. He has a shield made of iron to protect him from the dragon's breath. He takes with him twelve of his men including Wiglaf, but at the crucial moment, eleven of his men run and hide, only Wiglaf goes on to help Beowulf. This is the first time fate was not on Beowulf's side, and his age was also against him. Wiglaf finds Beowulf being held by the neck in the Dragon's mouth. However his courage never wavered. Beowulf was King and had a duty to protect his people. His sword had failed him so Wiglaf attacked the dragon, taking his attention from Beowulf. While Wiglaf's attack was not fatal, it gave Beowulf time to retrieve his knife and and stab the dragon as well. With the help of Wiglaf, the dragon was defeated. Although this was a victory for the two is was also a tragedy because it had taken all Beowulf had left in him. Wiglaf sat by his side during his last moments and heard his last request. A memorial-barrow be made, visible from a great distance, that sailors may be constantly reminded of the heroic duties accomplished by their

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