Beowulf Is A Hero's Life

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Heroes come in many different walks of life. For Beowulf, being a hero consisted of saving his people and killing ferocious monsters. In the real world however, heroes can be honored for the minute actions and impacts they have on others. Heroes do not need to change the world nor do they need to be known by all, they just need to touch lives in an impactful way. My Papaw changed lives, inspired others, and left a lasting impact on people around him which makes him a hero in my eyes. Since I was a little girl I have seen how strong my Papaw is in his faith life. Not only did he attend mass more than others, he was extremely involved with the parish. It seems that the whole congregation knew him and the priest was one of his most beloved friends. He spread his faith everywhere he went and constantly evangelized. In our family he led prayers before dinner and helped his grandchildren learn more about God which helped mold them into the people they have become. He immensely impacted his parish and his family's faith which continues to inspire them today.…show more content…
Everywhere he went he was the life of the party and would be greeted by everyone. Due to him being so involved in different organizations in the city, people recognized the goodness in his heart and could not help but to feel like he was their best friend within a matter of minutes. Anyone who knew him would say that "he was the man most gracious and fair-minded, kindest to his people and keenest to win fame". While he was no ruler nor did he hold any authority over anyone, his fame was created from his goodness, which is the best fame to

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