Compare And Contrast Beowulf Vs Iliad

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Beowulf Vs. The Iliad Want to learn more about Greek mythology and Vikings? Well these epic poems are for you. Beowulf is an Epic Poem, and sense it is dated back to around 500 A.D., we really don’t know who the author is because they orally shared the story through song and storytelling. The Iliad by Homer is dated back to 1200 B.C., and is also an Epic Poem. While both Beowulf and Achilles are Epic Hero’s, they come from different backgrounds/ ages, so both epic heroes are unique but the same. Beowulf’s culture was based on glory and honor. He was known to go after danger. “The monster’s hatred rose higher,/ But his power had gone, He twisted in pain,/ And the bleeding sinews deep in he’s shoulder/ Snapped, muscle and bone split/ And broke.

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