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“If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.” -Frank Lane In the epic poems, Beowulf and The Iliad, Beowulf and Achilles toiled to achieve glory and fame, but first had to fight multiple battles. These poems portray the hero’s journey from the ordinary world to victory, ending in the ultimate sacrifice. The journey to becoming a hero was similar yet different for Beowulf and Achilles. While they both were introduced as average men, they were chosen because of their talent in combat, they became supernatural warriors, victorious in battle. Even though they both fought with great passion and dedication, they were driven by different motives. Achilles fights in anger and for revenge, while, Beowulf fights for the people of his country. Beowulf and Achilles were both heroes who battled with supernatural abilities to find fame in their victories. Both heroes appeared larger than life throughout the poems, driven by ambition and the desire to be remembered. When Beowulf went to fight the…show more content…
Beowulf fought for the safety and well-being of others in his country. As opposed to Achilles who fought to get revenge for the death of his best friend,Patroclus, he would not fight a pointless battle without reason. Beowulf fought for King Hrothgar, whom he loved and respected, while Achilles did not like or respect King Agamemnon. Beowulf fought his challenging battles throughout his life, whereas Achilles fought his three major battles all in one year. Both heroes died from wounds sustained in combat; however, the manner of the deaths were very different. Beowulf was mortally injured while slaying the dragon. Achilles was shot in the heel by Paris, who was seeking revenge on Achilles for killing his brother, Hector. His heel being the only only vulnerable part of his body lead to his death. The expression “Achilles’ heel” refers to a person's

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