Examples Of Noble Birth In Beowulf

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There is no greater examples of an epic poem the story of Beowulf. It is a story of a noble ruler that battles many monsters with his great strength, problem solving, and wit. Epic poems have a specific characteristics that allow them to be what they are. Throughout Beowulf the reader can see noble birth and historical importance, courageous deeds, long journeys, the hero’s actions determining the fate of people, long speeches, and a serious tone. All if these thing are part of the characteristics of epic poems. Beowulf, the hero pf the story, is of noble birth. “My lord, the great king of the Danes, commands me to tell you that he knows of your noble birth” (Pg. 43). The hero in epic poems are almost always of a higher class because it shows the hero to be of importance. Later throughout the story Beowulf becomes historically important; he is described as, “The best if kings…” (Pg. 59). Beowulf was able to lead his country for fifty years without war, which is an astonishing feat that would be remembered throughout…show more content…
During the time of the Anglo-Saxon’s, when Beowulf was written, there was no time for jokes or anything lackadaisical. Right before Beowulf dies in the final scene he says, “Bring me ancient silver, precious jewels, shining armor, and gems before I die” (Pg. 63). This would normally seem like a strange request for someone who is on their death bed, but as the rest of the story shows this is completely serious and Beowulf expects Wiglaf do this form him in his final minutes of life. Lastly long speeches are a major part of the poem. In the end of the poem Wiglaf saying, “I remember we sat in the mead-hall… we swore that these swords and armor were each for us all” (Pg. 61). A speech like Wiglaf’s is meant to inspire the characters in the poem as well as those reading the poem. These speeches are meant to show good qualities that are admirable in people of the

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