Comparing Beowulf And Achilles

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Epic hero’s have become a big part I English classes over the years. During my high school experience I have been taught about many epic hero’s including the great Beowulf and of course the one and only Achilles. These two men have brought me great knowledge. Their reasons for fighting, their morals, and their beliefs have taught me that everyone is different. We all have our different reasons for doing what we do. People have multiple reasons for fighting some people fight out of anger, for example Achilles. In this story it was said that “now my soul would have me stand and fight whether I kill or am killed.” (Homer 77-79) This shows that Achilles will fight until death regardless of who is being killed. Anger can cause people to make reckless decisions without thinking. Others may fight over protecting themselves or their loved ones, such as Beowulf. He fought for the survival of his people. Fighting is never the answer but sometimes when the circumstances are bizarre, fighting is acceptable.…show more content…
Without a moral tot eh story, what is the point to even having the story? Beowulf shows a wonderful example of the moral represented in the story, as well does Achilles. The Iliad states that “now in Achilles the evocation of his own father stirred/new longing, and an ache of grief. He lifted/the old mans hand and gently put him by.” (Homer 323-325) indicating that your first instint may be to kill but that may not always be the best decision possible. Morals can be any life lesson for example, Beowulf. The story of Beowulf was written to teach others that no matter how tough things become, if you’re loyal and brave then any obstacle can be

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